Terminal Operation

We are one of the leading private sector Ship owners / Ship Operators based in Abu Dhabi with the current fleet strength totaling forty eight (48) Vessels mainly consisting of two sister RO - RO / Container / Project Carriers trading worldwide and the rest forty six (46) Coastal Class Vessels comprising of Landing Crafts, Tug Boats, Cargo Barges and Passenger / Service Boats mainly trading in the Arab Gulf, Gulf of Oman and West coast of India widely engaged in the coastal transportation and Offshore Civil, Oil and Gas Project Support Services.

The average age of the Vessels in our Fleet is less than three years or in other words all of them are most modern built.

Out of the 48 Vessels, there are two sister RO - RO / Project Carriers trading worldwide with the international tramp trade carrying Construction Equipments, Military Cargoes, Steel and Palletized general cargo whereas the rest of the Fleet consists of Landing Crafts / Offshore Supply Vessels, Tug Boats and Cargo Barges.

The Coastal Class Vessels are trading mostly in the Arab Gulf, West coast of India and in the Gulf of Oman supporting a wide spectrum of activities including natural and artificial (man made) islands developments and construction, Offshore Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Construction, Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Support Services, Offshore Pipe Laying Projects, Offshore Dredging Support, Offshore Plant Construction and Engineering, Offshore Rig Support and the complete Offshore Supply / Sea Freighting associated jobs. Besides we operate Tugs and Cargo Barges carrying Bulk Cargoes like Gabbro, Aggregates, Road base, Dune Sand, Debris, Minerals, heavy Project parcels and industrial raw materials.

With more than one and half decades of experience in deep sea Shipping, Coastal transportation and Offshore Support Services. KFS’s involvement in the marine industry began in the year 1991 when Mr.Khalid Faraj Al Mehairbi laid foundation by establishing a Shipowning venture initially owning a coaster.

Later in 1995 the Company’s foray into international Shipping was established by acquiring two newly built RO - RO/Container Vessels with the sole intention to tap the international tramp business. In the year 2000 embarked a Fleet diversification program by inducting most modern purpose built Landing Crafts, Tug Boats and Cargo Barges into the fleet. This is followed by a setting up of a Ship Management division solely to cater to the Commercial and Technical management of Vessels owned by M/s. Liwa Marine Services, Abu Dhabi.

Currently KFS in addition to their own six Vessels, manages twenty two Vessels of M/s. Liwa Marine Services which is expected to grow manifold within the near future.